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With 50 Years of experience, BAY STATE SKATING SCHOOL offers a tried and true method of instruction for the beginner, Intermediate and advanced skater. Recreational, figure and hockey skating skills are taught by dedicated and caring Professional Instructors. Girls and boys are grouped according to age and ability. Class sizes are small. Our emphasis is on quality instruction, safety, building confidence and having fun while learning to skate.


our story

Fifty years ago, parents expressed the wish that every child should learn at least the basics of swimming and ice skating. Swimming lessons in those days were widely available, but not the case with ice skating instruction.

PTA parents enlisted Rosemary Hanley Cloran and Carol Butterworth McKinnon, both former competitive skaters to teach students in an after-school program. Rosemary and Carol began the Bay State Skating School to meet the need for skating instruction as an afternoon activity.

As the years progressed, the demand for Learn to Skate programs became widespread. In the sixties, MDC, (Metropolitan District Commission), inspired by Bobby Orr, built rinks in many communities in the greater Boston area. Rosemary and Carol brought their programs to many of those rinks. In the beginning, they taught all the classes themselves. Soon they needed additional instructors.

Over the years, recreation departments in cities and towns also enlisted the Bay State Skating School to offer lessons. Over seventy five thousand students have learned to skate through the Bay State Skating School. Many families have had 3 generations who have learned to skate with our instructors.

In 2001, Carol retired. Rosemary has continued as director, as the interest in skating continues to grow. The Bay State Skating School is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting ice skating skills and fun on ice. Ice skating develops balance, strength, confidence, recreational and social skills, and in many cases offers a lifelong activity.



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About Ice Skating

Ice skating develops balance, strength, confidence, recreational and social skills, and in many cases offers a lifelong activity. It improves posture, balance, flexibility and coordination and enhances muscle strength and endurance. But the benefits of ice skating extend beyond physical fitness. It teaches kids goal setting and the pursuit of excellence, and it gives children a higher level of self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life.



Lorelei Molchan

This year I’ll look forward to my fifth season with the Bay State Skating School. Whether you’re looking to learn recreation, figure skating or hockey skating skills, the instructors are supportive of all learners at every level and age. It’s been a fun way to stay active. Most of all, I’ve truly enjoyed the sense of community and have made some great friends along the way too.

Chen-Fiske Family

Our family has been going to Bay State Skating School lessons for the past five years. It’s a fantastic program! The instructors are great — both with adults and with children, and we have found it to be a wonderful and affordable family activity. Plus, the lessons are great exercise!

Carol and Becky

My 12 year old daughter and I enrolled in a group skating class this past winter. We loved the lessons and the instructors, and have continued to skate all spring and summer. My daughter competed in the ISI World Ice Skating competitions this summer. We are both looking forward to skating again with the Bay State Skating School as soon as classes start up again!

Beth Pinkos

My niece & nephew both attended the Bay State Skating School. It was a wonderful experience! Your professional staff introduced them to the exciting world of figure skating by teaching them the basic skills they needed in a fun environment. I would highly recommend the Bay State Skating School to anyone who interested in learning to skate.

Michael Ruderman

Anna is an excellent instructor for the developing skaters. Her high standards are matched to a positive attitude, and she is as quick to praise as she is to correct faults. She never fails to encourage and promote the enjoyment of figure skating, even while building fundamental technique.

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